Virtual Experiences

Immersive insights

Delight in high-caffeinated coffee breaks or a virtual briefing main course.

Coffee breaks

Fresh brews of latest breakthroughs in compliance, cyber and communication analytics – in 20 min


The explosion of hybrid work communications from today’s dynamic collaboration, mobile and social channels are grinding legacy archive systems. A bold, new flavor is needed to prevent a venti-amount of risk exposure – introducing the Smarsh Enterprise platform. Read more


With over 80+ plus channels of communication to capture, archive and survey and increasing regulation of these channels it is imperative that enterprises manager data in an effective manner assisting in the synthesizing of data automatically. Read more


Text messaging is one of the quickest ways to connect; 74% of Advisors use direct messaging on social media platforms to stay in touch with customers and 69% of Financial Services firms expect their staff to work from home at least 1 day a week. Read more


As a regulated organization, it is imperative to supervise your electronic communications. But without the time, headcount, or budget your organization’s supervision workload can quickly become overwhelming. Read more


The SEC is brewing up a “double espresso” shot of cybersecurity regulations that are sure to wake-up the registered investment adviser and fund community. Read more

Virtual briefings

Exclusive lunch-n-learn briefings on the recently launched archiving and analytics innovations, tailor-made for enterprise organizations.

Request a personal briefing on our recently announced platform innovations and acquisitions.

Breakthroughs in communications archiving and analytics include:

  • Expansion of mobile channels and integrations with the announced TeleMessage acquisition
  • End-to-end channel reconciliation to monitor data fidelity – 20% less time spent on audit trails
  • AI-infused Data Lifecycle Management for tiering – 50% cost savings on retention
  • Cognitive scenarios to improve risk detection – 95% noise reduction
  • Secure cloud architecture to minimize threats

Briefings are designed for advanced enterprise teams.